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St. Peter Norwegian Lutheran Church

This church was assembled in the late 1880s during Red Wing's rapid growth as a trade and manufacturing hub along the Mississippi River. 


This photo was from a postcard sent in the late 1890s.  


In the mid 2000s, a couple with a passion for renovation, took to remodeling the church into a second home!


To the left is a photo of what they started with.


The beautiful organ that once resided in this building is now on permanant display at the St. James Hotel.  Go take a look!

Post Renovation - Church becomes a Home

Nearly ten years later, this is the result. Virtually everything has been remodeled including HVAC, foundation tuckpointing, roof, finished basement, etc!  


This was a journey of many years and projects, beckoning the nickname "Our Lady of Perpetual Projects!"  With Quilting and Scrapbooking groups falling in love with this place, we think the name is fitting.  However, we call it the Church House!

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